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Are you depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed and finding it impossible to make time for YOU?

Well. . .

Let’s CHANGE that story!

In this book, by Author, Speaker, Coach and Revolutionary in the Art of Self-Care, SHELLEY HUNTER HILLESHEIM teaches you how to construct TEAM YOU, which is your very own self-care support system . . . . so you can actively step into the power of CHOICE and treat yourself as a PRIORITY, always. C’mon, you know you need some of THAT.

Through stories, expert guidance and a new approach to taking ACTION, called SELF-CARE DARES, Shelley leads you to identify what you really need and how to take inspired action so you can stop making excuses about why you can’t take care of YOU.

You will learn how to intentionally design a more complete and fulfilled life where you get to experience self-care as the center of your day-to-day living. YES YOU CAN! And when you do this . . . EVERYONE WINS!

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Shelley Hunter Hillesheim

As a revolutionary in the art of self-care, Shelley Hunter Hillesheim founded A Nourished Life . . . where she is a coach, inspirational speaker, workshop leader and maverick for ambitious, driven women. She rescues depleted high achievers from overwhelm and helps them to create the spaciousness and simplicity needed to nourish themselves with sustainable self-care habits; that means real people in the real world.

Check out her BLOG at A Nourished Life to get a dose of self-care inspiration!


Shelley loves to connect with people who want to chat about all things self-care; including speaking and workshop opportunities, of course.
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